The start of something beautiful!

I have been itching to get some new ink for some time now, and I finally got some new work done today!!!! Soo stoked!! I covered up my very first tattoo, which I did like, but it was something I got when I was young and dumb, and the first “badass” picture I could think of to get. And I just felt like it wasn’t me. I was not proud to show it off, so I decided to cover it up with something more meaningful, and beautiful, so I got this!

I feel like the spot on my arm was a much better place for something like this, as opposed to a small “hardcore” skull and gun. Plus it fills up my upper arm nicely, almost making a full half sleeve, which I’m sure down the road will eventually fill up. The artist is the incredible Matt E. Hayes from Spyder Rose Tattoo in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. He does some really amazing work, and is very good at doing cover-ups. I am very excited to see the final product of this tattoo. Below are some shots of the before and after products. I will post the final product when it is finished. Getting serious now!!!


After…(in progress)

I will definitely be proud to show this baby off to the world once it is finished!! Thank you Matt E!!!