Not In This Lifetime Pt 1 (Throwback) #GNFNR

On this day in Rock n Roll history, exactly one year ago, I witnessed history in the making. I got to see the first two nights of the GUNS N ROSES reunion in Las Vegas. It was insane. I never ever thought I would ever get to witness Slash and Axl on stage together, playing music, and shooting each other smiles on stage. Mind=Blown. I cried three times that first night. Just beacause I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. They played almost all of the songs I wanted to hear. And the songs that they didn't play the first night, they played the second night. It was complete perfection in every way. The shows were sold out the instant they went on sale, and because they were the only shows that were announced at the time, ticket prices were insane. There was no way I was able to get a ticket. So, naturally, I went anyway, with barely enough cash to get there and back, and a little bit extra to spend on a crappy nose bleed ticket, I was determined to get in. I had to try at least. I would have regretted every second if I didn't. I ended up getting in both nights. With decent seats, too, I might add. It was pretty amazing, actually. I was extremely shocked, and proud of myself for pulling it off though. After the show, I only posted a handful of pictures. Because I was still in Vegas, and had to come back to reality immediately after the second show. So I just never got around to posting the rest. But here are the photos that I selected from both shows. It was very hard to narrow them down, so I am just going to post all of them. Enjoy!

PS Who is going to see them in Denver in August?? Because I don't have to spend money travelling to another state to see them, I put all my money into the tickets. I got two floor tickets, and intend to be right up front, in front of my Idol, SLASH. Hope to see you there!!!