Standard Issue Episode #7 - Whatever+Calamity Cubes!

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Been laying low for the last few weeks, since my graduation. My last semester was by far my hardest, and keeping a part time job on top of that wasn't easy either. So it took a while to de-compress after school was over. I also started a new job, survived a computer crash, and underwent a minor surgical procedure, so it has been a crazy couple of weeks. But I'm back now, and I made up for it by producing my longest show yet. Please share with your friends and also let me know what you think! I put a lot of work into these shows, and I would really like to hear your feedback. Thanks for listening!!!

Standard Issue EP #06 oops!

my new show didn't end up playing last night, episode #06, unfortunately. Instead, the station played the previous episode, #05. I have uploaded last night's show to the soundcloud page a little early for anyone that wanted to listen. We talk about preparing for graduation, which actually happened this morning, but it is still a damn good show. you can listen the the newest show, or any other past show, by clicking on the link below, or clicking on the Radio link above.

Thanks for listening everyone!!

Standard Issue Episode #6 - Graduation/Baltimore Riots

A new episode of Standard Issue airs tonight on RadioCMC from 9-11pm mountain time.

In this episode, Luke and I prepare for tomorrow's graduation ceremony and talk about how we survived the last few weeks of school. We also talk about the action happening in Baltimore surrounding police brutality and the current problems with today's police.

The music I chose for tonight's show represents the failed state that we currently live in, calling for action and change, and making that happen by communicating through music. So expect some heavy doses of punk rock with some metal and rap included.

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