Some new me out??

My boss has hired me to do social media for both of his businesses, and I'm trying to show him how important this is in today's society. He's very old school, and against technology, so he was skeptical to start paying me to do this for him. I started by opening up an Instagram account for the pizza shop, and he slowly started to see the importance. So he has asked me to take over the social media for both of his businesses. Please give us a like/follow on Facebook and Instagram. Even if you are not local, and have never been to these shops. Do it for me please?! If you are a local, you are in luck! because I will be doing a lot of online-only specials and promotions, and it will benefit you greatly if you are following us online!!! You can click the links below to find us online...

Uncle Pizza Facebook Instagram

Big Sid's Bottles Facebook Instagram

And obviously, if you haven't followed my pages, do it now!!!

Silver & Cold Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr

Standard Issue Radio (which I haven't done in forever, but need to get back on it. Follow my page if you want. I don't really care) Facebook Tumblr


Never thought I'd say it, but I can't help it. I LOVE Instagram!! come say hi!!!!!

Silver and Cold on Instagram

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Silver and Cold on....Instagram?!

Yep, it's true. We all knew it was coming. I guess it was time for me to join the real world finally. (Actually, I have had an account on there for a little while, I just never had a smart phone to post from before). I also realized that this is where a lot of people are, and it is a great way to gain exposure. I have always hated facebook, but I use it for the same reason, and it has actually done great things for my photography. So here I am...I don't have a lot of stuff there yet, but soon I will be all caught up.

Come say Hi! :D