Heavy Metal Cauliflower Pizza 🤘🤘🤘

Played with some cauliflower last night. Always wanted to make this pizza. Had some fun experimenting with different things, using coconut flour and olive oil. Turned out really really good! very filling too. Might try to get this on a secret menu or heavy metal pizza late night exclusive menu. Also thinking about staying open late on weekends, with possible heavy metal pizza delivery with the most metal pizza delivery guy around, Uncle Darin! Still working out the details. And if we get enough likes Brett Tenza will to Heavy Metal Karaoke 😉🤘🎤🤠😎🤡

1 Like=1 Prayer. 1 pizza=1 pizza.

1 Like=1 Prayer. 1 pizza=1 pizza.

I have lots of ideas. The ticker is always ticking 😉😂 and i'm always open for new ones. Comment and share. I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

This might go awesome with a HEAVY METAL BEER. Iron Maiden's Trooper is in stock at Big Sid's. Working on getting more!

Dont Forget. Heavy Metal Pizza Night. Every Saturday in May. 5pm-?????


Contact me for more info.