S&C Top Ten shows of 2013!!

I am seeing a lot of 2013 recaps in my news feed. While they are very enjoyable to read, I figured I better post one as well. I saw a TON of amazing shows this year. I don’t think I topped 2012 as far as quantity goes, but DEFINITELY in quality!!

Here is a list of my top shows/experiences in 2013:

10. MDC, Verbal Abuse, In Defence, The Taints - It’s not very often you see a show where every single band on the roster is sick as fuck. This show was a perfect example of that. The crowd was going nuts, and everyone was having a great time. Ben Crew from In Defence was stage diving with an inner tube while singing into the mic, and my friend Mitch was doing acid drops into the pit on his skateboard and skating in circles around the pit during MDC’s set. That’s fucking punk rock!!!! Photos here:

9. Scott H. Biram/Black Eyed Vermillion - I saw Scott H. for the first time at Farm Fest 2013, but, like with many of the bands, I didn’t feel like I really got a chance to take in his set because everything was so rushed at the festival. Plus, there were so many bands that played it was really hard to remember some of the new bands I had not seen or heard before. But this show I was really able to witness what is Scott H. and he actually played for a good 2 hours. and Black Eyed Vermillion are always rad to see live. Plus, it was only a few days after Farm Fest, so I still on cloud 9. Here are the photos from that show:

8. Queensryche - I grew up listening to Queensryche. One of my dad’s and brother’s favorite bands of all time. While the incident in aspen didn’t go over so well, and we ended up missing the entire set, I took my dad to the show in Grand Junction the next day, and to top it off, not only did I get a photo pass for the show, I got a plus one AND 2 meet n greet passes to meet the band after the show, which MORE than made up for the night before. But the best part of this night was getting to hang out with my dad at the show. At one point during the show i looked over and my dad was in tears because he was so happy. Not just to see his favorite band, but to share the experience with his son and see him in action, photographing the band. Later on, he got drunk and made out with a woman at the bar while i was getting my records signed by the band hahahaha. One of the greatest nights of my life. Check out the photos here:

7. Riot Fest - Riot fest had a crazy killer lineup. Many punk bands that I listened to as a wee lad, definitely took me back to my younger years. Got to see Flag for the first time, well, half of flag. There was a gnarly lightning storm that forced the staff to shut down the festival during their set, and kick everyone out. While most people left thinking the fest was over, they ended up reopening the gates and letting everyone left back in, and all bands got to play their entire sets. Bad Religion, Rancid, Iggy Pop, and Public Enemy to name a few. But my favorite band that played was AFI, BY FAR. They played a lot of their older stuff, which surprised me. I was blown away. They even played the song which inspired the name of my photography. I never did get around to posting all of the photos, since I was in school at the time, but I will post those soon. Here is the teaser album i posted after the event:

6. Choice City Stomp weekend- The stomp, to me, was like a pre-Farm Fest warm up, as many of the bands that played were on the Farm Fest roster. All day long were some of the best bands that played in montana, only a bit closer to home. Carrie Nation, Calamity Cubes, Rachel Brooke, Hooten Hollers, St. Chris, and many other fine musicians. There was also a post-stomp acoustic show the next day on the patio of a local bar, featuring the Cubes and Carrie Nation, as well as a tattoo shop barbecue that ended in a jam session inside the shop, (this is where I first heard Joey Henry’s ‘Horses’, and afterwards the entire place was full of tears and emotion. VERY powerful moment.)
I am very much looking forward to CCS 2014!
Pictures from this amazing show:

5. Denver Black Sky - 20 bands in 10 hours, this was an INSANE show. The Gothic theater built a stage across from the main stage so there was very little wait time in between bands, and all you had to do was turn around to face the opposite stage. Got to see one of my favorite bands, GHOUL, and shoot some band photos in the green room bathroom. Also got introduced to some new bands I had never heard before, including Weekend Nachos, Iron Reagan and Power Trip. There was also a secret post-Black Sky matinee show the next day with Speedwolf and Weekend Nachos. Good weekend all around. Check out the pics here:

4. Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band x2 - Followed Jayke and the gang from Grand Junction to Denver, had some drinks, threw some dice. Jayke always blows me away, whether it is a 3-piece ror a 5-piece. Always impressed! Looking forward to repeating this next weekend. Pics from the Junction show:

3. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club New Year’s double feature - I don’t know if I can count last year’s SCAC NYE event too, but both were incredible shows, and the BEST way to ring in the new year. Lots of new years kisses too! I should also mention I got to see SCAC 7 times this year, if you count last year’s NYE event. I just got home from denver, so it will be a minute before I can get the photos up from last night, but here is last year’s gallery:

2. Farm Fest 2013
Farm Fest was, and continues to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. SO many amazing people, so many talented musicians. I am in love with this farm family, and look forward to seeing everyone in Wisconsin next year!!

And finally, easily one of the best weekends of my life….

1. The Goddamn Gallows/Calamity Cubes! 3 Day Colorado mini-tour - When the Goddamn Calamity! tour hit Colorado, I was beyond stoked to see two of my favorite bands, three nights in a row in CO Springs, Ft. Collins, and Denver, respectively. Not only did I get to photograph these shows, but I got to follow the boys for three days, sticking a camera in their faces and annoying the piss out of them. It was a fantastic experience, and a little taste of touring with a band and capturing everything on stage and off. I am still working on the photos, but you can see the first night of photos here:http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-nmXdb

Obviously there are so many great shows I have been to this year. I had a really hard time narrowing it down, but this is probably my favorite shows for 2013. Some close calls were Leftover Crack, One Way System, FEAR, Suicidal Tendencies, and MORNING GLORY (Although MG was technically in 2012. That is why it didn’t make the list, but they are definitely in my top 20 shows of all time!!)

The last couple years have been pretty fucking amazing for me, getting better and better each year. I know that 2014 will be even more amazing. Cheers to 2014 and it being full of music, friends, and good times!!

What are some of your favorite shows from 2013?? Who do you plan to see, or who would you like to see in 2014?? Post a story, picture, or video in the comments below!