Fuck off, Facebook!

I deleted my Facebook the other day. Something I have been wanting to do for a while, but always found some excuse not to. But then I just did it, without thinking about it. I’m really glad I did. I needed to get away from that wretched place. Too much drama. Too much intrusion. Too much time wasted. The only thing I will miss, and this is something that will really bother me, is all the shows and concerts and other events that I only found through facebook. I love going to concerts and shows and seeing live music. More than anything. And the majority of those shows I found through FB and through the bands I followed on there.

I kind of used FB as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. And I got a lot of shit from people for expressing myself on there. Apparently I pushed a lot of people away for being too negative, or too honest, or too this and too that. Blah. If I’m going to get shit from my friends and family for trying to express myself, then I guess I will go somewhere else. SO here I am. Trying something new. I don’t know if anyone will even read this, or if any of my friends on here will find me, not that I really care. But I just want to use this as sort of an outlet to express the thoughts, feelings, moods, art, music, words, pics, and debauchery that parallels the thoughts in my head. And I think this will be the perfect place to do it, without all the drama, negativity, and stalking that comes with Facebook. I guess I still have much to learn about this site. I plan to post often and update this as much as possible, and hopefully I will get a lot out of it. For anyone that sees this…thanks for following…I guess.

Much Love,
Adam Basterd