My review on Listen Up Denver!

So I shot GWAR on Halloween, and, as  per usual, it was pretty intense! I had my camera wrapped using a weather proof bag used by outdoor photographers, like I always do when I see them. I call it the camera condom, haha. My photos were published at, and I even wrote my very first concert review to go with it!

I was pretty nervous at first. I had never considered myself a writer, and never thought I would ever get into it, but I have gotten a lot of amazing feedback from the review from my professors and my peers. One person even said that he thought my writing skill may have superseded my photography skills, and that that was saying a lot! WOW.

I'm pretty excited to start getting into more writing, because I know that it will be very useful in this feild. The next show I will be reviewing is Korn and Slipnot on 11/11, which I am very excited for, but I don't think I will be able to top the GWAR review. After that, I will be reviewing the METAL GODS, JUDAS PRIEST, one of my ALL TIME favorite bands!! super stoked. Stay tuned for that one.....


here is me in the photo pit with the camera condom....

Feeling: Bloody

On the Stereo: GWAR - Sick of You