Hey FARM FAMILY!!! I want your quotes!!! i don't care if their used, rotten, filthy, and stinky! I want your damn dirty quotes!!!

 Farmageddon Records Music Festival, Sprague, Wisconsin, July 2014

I'm putting the finishing touches on my 2014 book RIGHT NOW, and want to fill it with your glorious words of wisdom on what makes this Festival and family so great! I've been reading some good stuff so far, but I need more, so please keep them coming!!! you can email me at info@silverandcold.com or use the contact page to send me your quotes. There is no limit to the amount of words, but try not to write a novel. (Only James Hunnicutt is allowed to do that ;) ) Be sure to leave your name somewhere so I know who I am quoting, and your email so I can double check if needed. try to get them to me by sunday at midnight AT THE VERY LATEST. I will be putting in the order on monday morning and do not want to have any stragglers. Got it?

 Farmageddon Records Music Festival, Sprague, Wisconsin, July 2014

The best part? My absolute favoritest quote will get an electronic copy of the book for FREE!!

For more info, please feel free to email me with any questions. Also, if you want to reserve a copy to make sure you get it at the fest you can visit the shop page to pre-order the book of your choice. There is VERY limited amount of books, and I cannot gaurantee that there will be any left after the festival, so it may be wise to order before. Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to seeing you all at the fest!!! Cheers!!!!