CMC Portfolio Review

Tonight was soo amazing! A lot of people were super stoked on my book, and had all kinds of awesome things to say about my work. One woman said of my photos that even though she could never live this kind of life (meaning the subject matter of my photos) she felt like she was living it just then, and it was very exciting for her (WOW!). Another person told me that he had been looking forward to my portfolio since we both started going to CMC back in 2011, because he had seen my work before and he knew that I would go big with my book. I saw a lot of friendly faces, many of which I hadn't seen in a long time, and some that I did not expect to see it all. It was really cool hanging out at my table talking to people who were interested in my work, and someone would surprise me with a tap on the shoulder, followed by a big smile and a hug. A lot of inspiration and excitement filled the room! What an amazing night!!

Congrats to all my classmates who are graduating! Can't wait to see where we all go from here!!