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"I'm living on an endless road, around the world for rock and roll. Sometimes it feels so tough, but I still ain't had enough. I keep saying that it's getting too much, but I know I'm a liar. Feeling all right in the noise and the light, that's what lights my fire" - Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser


"When most people pick up a camera, they are trying to capture an image. When Adam picks up a camera, he is trying to capture a moment in time and all of its components

Being a true student of the art of photography, Adam has spent the better part of his career building a portfolio that most veterans would envy. He is committed to his trade, traveling with bands and musicians as a part of the crew, and you can see his love for music in every photograph he releases. His conceptual work is unique, and he would much rather collaborate with other artists than dictate a particular shoot or idea to the people around him.

Professional equipment being the norm in photography, Adam is no slouch in the tech department. But he relies far more on the subject or the matter at hand, making even the images many would consider mundane to hold particular meaning to any who can recall the history behind it. Art may imitate life, but capturing life is what makes for great art. Adam lives by this, every day."

-Eric Psikotyk, Psikotyk Photography

Adam is a Colorado native, raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. He attended Colorado Mountain College for Professional Photography and Graphic Design, and travels all over Colorado and the United States following his favorite bands and artists. His biggest passion lies in music, followed closely by photography. This is how he found his niche.

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Welcome to my world, the world of Silver and Cold.

I am music lover first. And a photographer second. And somewhere in between I am me. An imperfect pile of salt and meat. I am a dreamer. A wanderer. A vagabond. An artist. I'm flawed. And lost. And found. And lost again. Whenever I lose my way, I look to the mountains to guide me home. But other times I just like to let myself go. I listen for the music that sets the beat for my heart. Without it, my heart cannot survive.

I was raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I have a passionate love affair with massive rocks that surround my soul. The mountains protect me, and guide me. I am lost when I am away from them.

I am a life-long learner.

I began at Colorado Mountain College in the fall of 2011 to pursue a degree in Professional Photography, a lifelong dream of mine, but something I thought was always just out of reach. I had always been into photography, but never considered doing it professionally. I just enjoyed it as a hobby. I worked my ass off, and learned a great deal. Two years later, after completing my degree with honors, I decided I was not ready to be done with school. I decided to go for a second degree, one that would compliment my photography skills. I completed my second Associate's degree in Graphic Design in the spring of 2015. As well as photography and graphic design, I have a multitude of various skills that keep me up-to-date in the latest trends in the digital media world.


During this time, I followed another passion, music, and dedicated what little time I had outside of school to immersing myself in it fully. I traveled many miles, following my favorite bands and artists all over the country, with camera in tow. I befriended many musicians, and made lifelong connections all over the country. But my biggest influence was in the Denver area, where I spent most of my time. I started by sneaking my camera into the concerts just so I could take pictures of my favorite bands. Eventually this became more of a hassle, so I decided to reach out to some of the bands and venues to get access to these concerts, and started shooting legitimately.

Traveling being another one of my passions, I make it a point to travel to at least one new state every year. I have not had the pleasure of traveling overseas yet, but it is a goal of mine. It is my dream to one day work for a band that tours the world, being a part of the crew, documenting our travels. It will happen one day. (If you're a band that currently travels the world, and is in need of a tour photographer, let's talk!)

I got my very first press pass in February 2012. The show was the English Dogs' Forward Into Battle tour, which featured the FIB English Dogs lineup. With opening acts the Casualties, Toxic Holocaust, and Havok. I have seen many many bands in my life, and some I have considered myself very lucky to have seen and/or photographed. There are also many bands that I thought I would never get the opportunity to see in my lifetime, and this was one of those bands. I freaked when I saw they were playing, and especially the FIB album in its entirety. You can imagine my excitement when I found out I was on the press list. This was made possible by Thrashhead magazine, which ended up being my first published work. The article is still up, but my photos, for some reason, are not. This show is in my top 10.

But this opened up many doors for me, and was an amazing experience as an amateur music photographer. Later on, one of my photos from the English Dogs show was entered into Photographer's Forum Magazine's annual College Photographer of the Year. My photograph ended up making it into the top 100 out of 13,000 photographs from all over the world, and was published in their annual hardcover book in 2013. A great accomplishment for someone who just shot their very first live concert, well, officially.

Since then, I have photographed hundreds, possibly thousands, of bands, onstage and off. Traveled hundreds of thousands of miles. Published three books. Been apart of, and set up, different kinds of galleries to show my work. I made it into the finals and semi-finals in CPOY (College Photograper of the Year, world-wide college photography contest) in 2013 and 2014, respectively. I also won first place in a CMC art publication called Rocky Mountain Reflections. My photographs can be seen in album artwork, websites, and promotional pieces for many artists and musicians, including underground, local, and other. My work has been published on websites and music publications, including The Examiner, Listen Up Denver!, Noise Wire, and For the Love of Punk. I got the opportunity to photography Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, Tony Blair, among many others at the Aspen Ideas Fest, thanks to the Isaacson School for New Media, shooting alongside some very prominent professional photographers. Something I would never have gotten to do otherwise.

In November 2014, I photographed the heavy metal band GWAR, and wrote my very first concert review. The review, as well as my photographs, were published on Listen Up Denver's website, and was re-tweeted by GWAR. In 2011 I got to see one of my all time favorite bands in the world, Judas Priest. I snuck my camera into the show because I knew there was no way I could get it in otherwise. Four years later, almost to the day, I got confirmation that I would be shooting the almighty Priest, with a photo pass, and writing a review for the magazine, at the exact same venue as the previous time. This was a dream come true. I was literally feet away from one of my biggest idols. I could feel the heat on my face when the fire erupted from the stage during their most powerful moments. It was a great example of how far I'd come in such a short amount of time. I had a taste of the big time, and it tasted glorious. I also photographed Motley Crue's final Denver show ever. Probably the biggest band I have ever gotten a pass for, and also the strictest photo policy of any band I have gotten to shoot. But the experience was incredible to say the least.

I continue to grow and learn everyday, and constantly push myself. I am motivated, dedicated, and passionate about my work. I pride myself in my ability to overcome obstacles and achieve my desired results. I provide a service to those that envy me, and wish they could lead this life. I try to stay humble, but I do not consider myself lucky by any means. I have worked very hard to get to where I am today, and continue to work on me every single day of my life. If I do not learn something new every day, then I am doing something wrong.

I believe that hard work is the key to the things you want in life. It's a way to test you and see how badly you want something. I constantly strive to be the best person that I can be. I help those in need, and would give up the shirt on my back if needed. I promote happiness everywhere I go, and push those around me to follow their dreams, and stop making excuses. But I am far from perfect. I am very good at helping others with their problems, but struggle greatly with my own. I do not always come out on top. Sometimes I fall and sometimes I fail. I learn from every experience and try to look for the silver lining in everything. Even in my darkest times I am somehow able to find the light. This is how I became who I am today.

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You can hear me on the radio at Go to the Radio page for more info. Here, you can step into my world as I share my favorite tunes, promote local and underground acts, as well as stories from the road and my travels. The show airs every Friday from 9pm-12am MTN time. You can tune in locally on 93.9 in Glenwood, and 102.7 in Aspen, or stream live, worldwide on the website.

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I wear my heart on my sleeve. For a look inside, check out the playlist below. It consists of some of my favorite songs in the world. Songs that heal and keep me going. Music is what keeps me alive.

Slash's signature on my arm, before, and after I got it tattooed iiii]; )'

Typography final. We had to design a type face to promote a TV show based on a book. Extra credit for mapping it to the keyboard, which I did. This is in my font library on my computer. Based on Slash's autobiography.

Listen to SLASH wishing me a happy birthday ON STAGE in front of thousands of fans. 10.16.2015, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver

GNR selfie, Phoenix Arizona, 08.2016, AKA Paradise City

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